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Weather Radars

On December 16, 2020, the NWS shutdown their weather radar site and opened a new site for access to their radar. You may visit it at New NWS Radar Site. Controls for selecting stations are in the upper-left corner while those for looping are in the lower-left corner.

We, and most other users, have found that pages load so slowly and the animation is so slow as to render this site useless for our purposes. The NWS is working on the problems and hopes to make significant improvements, but it may not ever come up to acceptable standards for our purposes.

The following links give access to a hidden section of the NWS radar site where fast loading, animated, radar images are available. While these images are of a lower resolution and lack other features we prefer, they are as good as any available elsewhere, so we offer them for what they are worth.

Click on the text links below for access to those radars. Note that these images are delayed about 10 minutes.

KDMX-Des Moines, IA

KDVN-Davenport, IA

KILX-Springfield, IL

KLSX-St. Louis, MO .

KIND-Indpls Radar

KLOT-Chicago, IL

KIWX-North Webster, IN

KVWX-Vincennes, IN .

National Radar

GreatLakes Region

KILN-Wilmington, OH

KLVX-Louisville, KY .

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