April, 2016 Edition

These are birds we have observed in and near our home in Madison County, Indiana. Most have been found in the city of Anderson along the banks of Killbuck Creek and White River, or in Shadyside Park, including the wetlands and the Shadyside Lakes. For a detailed, annotated map of the area see map and directions.

Our resident male Barred Owl, Calvin, sits secure in one of his daytime roosts. See Barred Owl, Calvin for more pictures of this expectant father.

A Northern Flicker is hunting for something in the ground. See Northern Flicker for more of this beautiful bird.

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This Great Blue Heron was in full breeding plumage when we found him in the Woodruff NWR in Florida in late February. See Woodruff Birds I for more birds that we found in the Woodruff Refuge.

This Limpkin was an unexpected find at Woodruff. See Woodruff Birds II for photos of this and other birds.

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For more than fifteen years, we have endeavored to bring you monthly editions of Birds of Madison County. For each edition we have strived to present thirty to fifty original, high quality, photographs of birds and wildlife. Behind each photo that makes it to this web site, there are many others that are discarded. Finding the subjects and taking the hundreds of photos needed for each edition requires many hours of field work.

We have arrived at an age when long hours of field work are becoming difficult for us. Consequently, we are not able to sustain the level of production required for monthly editions. We will continue to post new editions as health and circumstances permit; however, regretfully, not on a regular, monthly basis. We thank you for your faithful following and many comments over the years. We have heard from people, not only in Indiana, but all over America and many parts of the world, including Europe and Asia. We hope that your days have been brightened by the sights we have shared and that your appreciation of the natural world and especially the birds has been enhanced by our pictures and stories.

Tom and Jean Harbron
December, 2014


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Tom and Jean Harbron

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