Glass Chatter Articles

The club’s monthly newsletter, the Midwest Glass Chatter, which you receive as part of your membership, has had articles about the individuals and incidents in history of the glass industry.  Some members have requested that they be itemized for future reference.  Here is a listing so you can look them up.  Not a member?  You can read some of the old articles here, but join the club to get the latest info!



q  An Old Question                                             May 2002

q  Who Was It?                                                 September 2002

q  Who Am I?                                                    October 2002

q  Who Am I?                                                    November 2002

q  Muncie in 1888                                               December 2002

q  Who Am I?                                                    January 2003

q  Standardization                                             February 2003

q  Who am I?                                                     February 2003

q  The Town Bell Rang                                        March 2003

q  Who Am I?                                                    April 2003

q  Patent Numbers Online                                   April 2003

q  The First Ball Machine-Made Jar?                 June 2003

q  Armstrong sold to Kerr                                   July 2003

q  Fruit Jar Controversy in the 1930’s                September 2003

q  Fruit Jars Just Before the War                     September 2003

q  Capstan Glass Fruit Jar Claim                         September 2003

q  Bill of Complaint Marion FG&BC vs Ball           October 2003

q  What Color Is It?                                          October 2003

q  Shortage of Jars Curtails Preserving              October 2003

q  Chinese Mason Patent Repros                         November 2003

q  D. O. Skillen & Earl S. Goodin                         November & December 2003

q  Playing Hobbs with My Research                    February 2004

q  Easy Trade VJC Co. Mark Vacuum Jar            March 2004

q  Article from Upland Monitor                          April 2004

q  Article from Marion Daily Leader                   April 2004

q  Russ Crupe 1982 article                                  May 2004

q  Summary of Hero Cross Research                   June 2004

q  Put a Lid on It – Embossed Ball Lids               August 2004

q  JFG Coffee Co. Letter                                    September 2004

q  Go-withs from the International Contest        October 2004

q  The Pickle Jar                                                November 2004

q  Made by the Meyer Fruit Jar Co.                   March 2005

q  Marion FJ&BC Update                                    August 2005

q  Lucius L. Ball House                                        September 2005

q  More on Marion FJ&BC                                  October 2005

q  Ball Salt & Pepper Progression                        November 2005

q  Swazee Synopsis                                            November 2005

q  The Elusive Tigner Jars                                  December 2005

q  The Thompson Contract                                 February 2007

q  The History 0f Modern Ball Jars                   March 2007

q  The Owens Machine in Greenfield in 1909      May 2007

q  Medley of Carols (Ornaments)                        December 2007

q  Eli Lilly Fish Bottles                                       May 2008

q  Legends of the Jar – Alvarez                         March 2008

q  Glass Battery Jars                                         April 2009

q  Legends of the Jar – Clay                               June 2009

q  Legends of the Jar - Smith                            August 2009

q  Legends of the Jar – Trimble                         September 2009

q  Legends of the Jar – Corker                           October 2009

q  Ball “Buffalo” Jars                                         November 2009

q  Legends of the Jar – Harper                          November 2009

q  Legends of the Jar – Burkett                         March 2010

q  Legends of the Jar – Shoecraft                     April 2010

q  Legends of the Jar – Bright                           May 2010

q  Legends of the Jar – The Barnetts                 June 2010

q  Legends of the Jar - Dudley                           December 2010

q  Legends of the Jar – Father Pat                     February 2011

q  Legends of the Jar – Harris                           March 2011

q  Iowa Trip                                                       April 2011

q  Legends of the Jar – Bere                              July 2011

q  History of the Indiana Fruit Jar Sales Assn  August 2011

q  Legends of the Jar – Hinson                           September 2011

q  History of Sterling Glass of Anderson            November 2011

q  Legends of the Jar – Plank                             November 2011

q  Legends of the Jar – Erb                                March 2012

q  Legends of the Jar – O’Connor                        Mary 2012

q  Legends of the Jar – McCann                         July 2012

q  Dick Roller Keeps on Teaching                        August 2012

q  Amber Buffalo Jar Reproduction History       December 2012

q  The Rarest Ball Retirement Glass Container    February 2013

q  Did Ball Ever Sell Pototoes?                           February 2015

q  History of Ball Pitchers                                  March 2015

q  The Kinsella Jar                                             May 2015